Day Nursery Thetford

Children Develop & Explore


Playdays is a family-orientated environment, we recognise that every child is an individual and strive to make our nursery feel like a second home to all our children, parents, and members of staff. We have a large team of qualified and passionate staff committed to supporting children develop and grow’.


We believe that every child has amazing potential and with the balance of love, care, and support they receive, they will become the ambitious thinkers, makers, and stars of tomorrow.


We understand the importance of the early years of a child’s life, we feel privileged to play a role in preparing each child for the adventures that lie ahead of them - Nursery in preparation for school and beyond. We aim to support the children's development with skills, both socially and practically that will enable them to succeed and thrive in later life – giving them a head start when it matters most.

Day Nursery
Fully Qualified Practitioner's

Every day is a new adventure, unique experiences and challenges, designed to help your child develop their physical and mental wellbeing, and get ready to thrive in later life. Therefore we will provide the best care, to help children develop and build the confidence to interact with the world, try new things and above all come to enjoy Nursery with a smile on their face.


We are committed to providing the best possible start in life for each and every child in our care - our days are filled with Love, Learning and Laughter

Our Ethos
Warm & Welcoming Environment

Our Nursery staff are experienced and qualified, they have continuation of training to ensure they remain up to date with Early Years requirements and legislation, learning new skills and techniques to support each and every child.


We are proud to have a committed team - encompassing the Nursery as ONE - allowing children the freedom to explore new areas, making new friendships. Staff will fully support transitions into new rooms helping your child settle in and feel happy. The Nursery supports transitions into Reception Class when the time arrives ensuring this is an enjoyable new experience.


We recognise that children learn best when they are happy and feel secure. Our aim is to give every child the best start in their education and social journey having recognition of the importance of the child’s first five years of development.


Every child will have their own ‘Learning Journey’: a diary of their days at Nursery. Recording their development levels and tracking their progress will help us to assess if any additional support is needed. The children’s diary will contain photos of their interactions, play and learning during their time at Playdays.


Playdays Nursery will provide a warm and welcoming environment to every child and their family.


We will provide an inclusive environment free from prejudice and criticism.


We will provide an environment where children can be children - where they can explore, learn and develop as individuals, to help them have recognition of their achievements and potential, to be proud of who they are. Where they can be safe, free from harm and feel secure in our care.


We will provide an environment where the parent feels supported - an open door policy to share concerns and worries. We recognise the importance of the parent as well as the child - Parents are their children's first teachers.