Healthy Eating


Encouraging Healthy Eating


At Playdays we aim to encourage the children to understand the awareness of being healthy, having a healthy diet and the importance of exercise. This is achieved through taking part in a wide range of activities that include cooking, exploring new tastes and developing an understanding of how our bodies work and the foods we need to help us grow, together with lots of physical activities.

At the nursery within our team we have a dedicated cook who prepares the morning food, and a dedicated cook for the afternoon food. Our cooks prepare healthy balanced meals on a daily basis, including a hot cooked lunch with dessert. Fresh drinking water and milk are available throughout the day for the children as well as at meal times.


Healthy Eating

Cater For All Diets

The children eat together for all meals, making their own food choices and being allowed to explore new foods within their own individual dietary requirements. Meal times are purposely aimed at being a social event, allowing the children to support and help each other. Prior to all meals and snacks children are asked to wash their hands, and after finishing their meals encouraged to brush their teeth.

Parents are requested to inform the nursery of any allergies or special dietary requirements. These are then recorded and displayed, allowing all staff together with the kitchen staff to continually check upon, and separately prepare and serve alternative meals.

Healthy Eating
5 Star Hygiene Rating

The nursery kitchen is regularly inspected by our local Environmental Health Department and currently is graded at level 5, the highest. Our cooks and a number of staff hold relevant food safety certificates